About Donately

We’ve learned the hard way how to fundraise the easy way.

We started Donately in 2013, in partnership with creative agency Fifty & Fifty, after working with numerous nonprofits. Our experience showed us an alarming gap in the online donation software market, so we set out to create the simplest solution around.

More than 1,000 nonprofits, organizations, and individuals trust Donately to manage their online donations. Built with simplicity in mind, our features give you more time to raise money online and our software grows with you, so the possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, we believe time should be spend solving social challenges, not wasted using clunky and expensive online donation software.

We’re here to help with the small stuff.

Our in-house support, developers, and strategists will make sure you don't have to campaign alone.

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We put our money where our mouth is

We’re proud of the success we’ve shared with our partners so far, but, believe us, we’re just getting started. Here’s what we’ve accomplished with our partners so far:

1,200 accounts actively raising money

Processing over $2 million in donations per month

Trusted by thousands of non profits, schools, churches and organizations

secure forms & campaign pages
complete customization
5 minutes to sign up
Integrate with ease
no setup fees or hidden costs
plans starting at only 1%
no limited functions
no contracts
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