Effective Fundraising for Businesses

Set up fundraising drives for your customers and employees and show the world your social impact with a flexible, connected platform.

Put your philanthropy out there with business fundraisers

Businesses and for-profit companies from all industries utilize the power of fundraising platforms to promote the causes they care about and raise money to support them. Whether you send donations to your corporate fund or directly to an organization you support, Donately has the tools you need to succeed.

Benefits of fundraising platforms for businesses

Fundraising for a business shouldn’t be a hassle. Businesses large and small can use fundraising software to ensure a smooth donation experience for their charitable initiatives, and see other benefits, too.

Track and manage donations

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, fundraising data analytics are essential for compliance – and your bottom line. Software like Donately tracks donation amounts, frequency and more, so you know exactly how much you earn and where it’s going.

Streamline your processes

Business owners don’t need more tasks on their plate. They need a business fundraising platform that works well with their existing systems. With Donately, there are no awkward accounting or financial sidesteps to put the money where it needs to go.

Optimize your campaigns

Make more of a difference in the world: The right data integration tools give you real-time insights into what’s working and what isn’t, from donation amounts to who you’re reaching. That helps you better optimize your cause campaigns and employee giving programs and drive meaningful results.

Build a community

Fundraising for businesses isn’t just about donations – it’s about building a community of like-minded people who share your mission and vision. Fundraising software should let you communicate with donors, send thank-you notes and make them feel appreciated.

What to look for in a business fundraising platform

Galas and dinners are a good time, but online business fundraisers are a simple way to show your philanthropy all year, and not just on the anticipated ‘Day of Giving.’ Look for a platform with these important features.


Protecting donor data also protects your business’s reputation. Use encryption, comply with PCI and data security and privacy standards, and partner with trusted payment processors like PayPal and Stripe.


The right platform grows with you as you scale. Build pages, embed forms on your site, engage consumers and empower employees through a giving ecosystem that flexes to your needs, even as they change.


Your brand is who you are. You want to be able to match your donation forms and campaigns to your brand or website with custom styles that let you easily change colors, font styles, donation levels, CTA buttons and more.

Top features of Donately for business fundraising

Fundraising for businesses is made even easier when you have the right features to streamline your processes and maximize your donations.



Donately integrates with nearly all of the web's leading platforms, including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Quickbooks and more. Pushing fundraising data to your favorite CRM or email marketing suite is just a few clicks away.

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Our core product was built to be effortless while offering the ability to expand with our API. Keeping your data flow exactly as designed, utilize our API to create custom stats or build a connection between any other application on the web. 

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Data & Insights

Data integration is what drives campaign success. Utilize Donately to capture important information regarding customer behavior and interest areas. You can also learn about employee interests in order to drive internal engagement.

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How to set up fundraising for businesses

Galas and dinners are a good time, but online business fundraisers are a simple way to show your philanthropy. Look for a platform with these important features.

Sign up in less than five minutes

Create a customized form for your website

Promote your campaign and collect donations

Trusted by businesses to do good

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FAQs about fundraising for businesses

Can businesses fundraise for themselves?

Yes – for-profit businesses can fundraise for themselves, as well as for other causes. For example, you might want to raise donations for a new product launch, to give to charity or to contribute to an employee giving fund. There are typically rules you’ll need to follow around reporting and compliance, so you’ll want to check your local laws, and always be clear to donors about where their money is going.

How do I raise money for my business?

Fundraising for businesses has changed quite a bit since donation platforms came on the scene. Thanks to these platforms, taking out a loan at the bank or finding investors are no longer your only options to raise money for your business. Some startups, inventors and entrepreneurs even rely on business fundraising platforms for the majority of their funding. Of course, securing investments from venture capitalists and angel investors is still an option, as are microloans, which are loans specifically for small business startups.

What is the best fundraising platform for a business?

The best fundraising platform for your business will depend on the features you need. Many businesses run more complex campaigns and are also interested in their fundraising data and insights, so a more robust donation software like Donately is appropriate. If you’re expecting a lot of donations, be sure to look at transaction fees. It might make more sense to choose a subscription plan with lower fees. And you’ll always want customizable, secure software, no matter your business size.

What are some good fundraising ideas for a startup business?

Fundraising for a business when you’re just starting out can feel like a lot of pressure, but the best ideas aren’t complicated. Host a party that includes a presentation, and ask for donations. Do something to get media attention, like holding a cook-off or a charity auction. Use social media to spread the word and find potential investors. And no matter what you do, consider partnering with another startup or create a group so you can share referrals, marketing opportunities and access to resources.

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