Donation Software & Forms for Nonprofits

From customizable forms and campaigns to complete donor management, the best online donation software for nonprofits helps you grow your impact in any area.

Streamline your nonprofit fundraising efforts

Boost your reach, simplify your online fundraising and improve your donor experience with Donately, the leading donation software for nonprofits. With customizable forms and landing pages, peer-to-peer fundraising and native integrations, our platform is designed to sync to the tools you already use and maximize your impact.

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Top benefits of donation software for nonprofits

The right donor management software offers a number of advantages, from raising awareness for your cause to expanding your donor base — all in one easy-to-use platform.

Quickly launch campaigns

Our intuitive design allows you to launch standalone pages in minutes, making it a top donation software for nonprofits. Our platform enables you to create beautiful donation pages that convert site visitors into donors. Boost your online fundraising efforts by using peer-to-peer fundraising to drive more donations to your cause.

Personalize your donation forms

The best online donation forms for nonprofits are fully customizable. Our easy-to-use forms can be tailored to gather the information your organization needs. Enhance the donor experience by adding an option for recurring giving, creating custom fields and embedding your form into your website.

Optimize your campaigns

Stay on top of your campaign performance with the best donation tracking software for nonprofits. Gain valuable insights from your donation data with a full-featured dashboard. Search, filter or export data to optimize your online fundraising efforts.

Streamline your workflow

Have a favorite platform? Bring it with you and leverage seamless integrations with numerous leading applications. Keep your data up-to-date automatically by syncing with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp and Quickbooks without needing to write a single line of code.

Boost your reach

Our donation software for nonprofits goes above and beyond, offering a text-to-give and sharing features that bring the power of mobile fundraising to your donors’ fingertips. Tap into a broader audience and provide your supporters with more accessible donations.

Tap into team fundraising

Promote unity and a shared purpose within your community by enabling team fundraising. Let your donors rally their networks around your cause, creating a sense of shared accomplishment while helping you reach your fundraising goals faster.

Women participating in a marathon for breast cancer, with cards showing different fundraisers on their team contributing to the cause.

Key features of donation software for nonprofits

Your donation software should help you make a difference in the world, not hold you back. The best online donation software for nonprofits has these features.



Focus more on your nonprofit’s mission than battling with complex donation forms. The best online donation forms for nonprofits are simple yet customizable, so you can incorporate your branding while telling a compelling story. Intuitive dashboards and code-free features can also help you unleash your brand’s potential.


Mobile Optimized

Engage with modern donors right where they are — on their mobile devices. Fully responsive platforms automatically adjust to any device for a seamless experience. Empower your supporters with the ease of donating from smaller screens or a simple text message, helping you collect more donations in the mobile era.



It’s essential that donation software for nonprofits be secure to help protect not only your donors’ data but also your organization’s reputation. The best platforms use encryption and adhere to PCI and data privacy compliance standards. Partnering with trusted processors like PayPal and Stripe adds another element of security. 

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Why nonprofits choose Donately

Donately helps you drive your nonprofit’s mission further. Our platform offers customizable forms, insights from your data, seamless third-party integrations and unparalleled support to help your fundraising efforts excel.

Customizable Forms

Our intuitive interface lets you match your forms to your brand, with customizable fonts, images and backgrounds. Embed them into a Donately landing page or your own website for a seamless experience. You can even set suggested amounts and accept recurring donations weekly, monthly and yearly. And you can do it all in about ten minutes.

P2P Fundraising

Expand your network and maximize your fundraising potential by enabling fundraisers to create their own dedicated pages for your cause. Donately’s donation software for nonprofits empowers individuals to champion your mission and raise more donations on your behalf while maintaining consistency with your brand story.


The best donation management software for nonprofits plays nicely with other programs. Donately provides integrations and data to help you fine-tune your fundraising strategies. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate Donately with your existing apps, like  Facebook and Google Analytics, to gain a comprehensive view of your fundraising efforts.

How to drive donations and amplify impact for nonprofits

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FAQs about donation software for nonprofits

What is donor management software?

Donor management software is designed to help nonprofits effectively track, manage and engage with their donors. It can facilitate processes like online donations, campaign management and donor communication, allowing nonprofits to focus on their mission and not on the minutia. With our intuitive dashboard and convenient integrations, Donately is a top choice for donor management.

Why should my nonprofit use online donation software?

Donation software for nonprofits can help you maximize your donations, reach new audiences and build more effective campaigns. It provides a clear and real-time overview of your donation data. It tracks each donation, captures donor information and offers comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights into your organization’s fundraising strategies.

How do nonprofits choose donor management software?

Choosing the right donation software for nonprofits starts with evaluating your own needs. If you just need to create simple, individual pages and forms, a basic donor software may work for you. If you want to run complex campaigns or need data and insights, you might want a more robust donation software. And if you collect a high volume of donations, be sure to read the fine print regarding transaction fees. Paying for an affordable subscription that offers low transaction fees can actually save you money over using a free version with high fees.

Is there free donation software for nonprofits?

Most donation software isn’t truly free. While some platforms say they offer free donation software for nonprofits, that typically means they don’t charge you a sign-up fee or a subscription fee, but still take a percentage of each transaction. However, Donately offers a free version with highly competitive pricing: no subscription fee and just a 4% transaction fee. We also offer plans with monthly or yearly subscriptions. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

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